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Whether you are looking to create your training curriculum from scratch, need to convert it to a SCORM certified format, or simply need a place to host and manage your training, eCubed Learning is your solution.


Our Learning Management System meets the highest standards of functionality. Training is accessible anywhere, anytime; Functions are automated; reporting in real time; training resources are managed.

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With over 500 training courses in an ever-expanding library, you are sure to obtain the tools you need for success.


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Get certified training on popular programs

We offer certified training on some of the world’s most reputable software and management tools such as:

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About eCUBED

eCubed Learning was founded on the principles of Education, Empowerment, and Enrichment. eCubed’s prime focus is to Educate individuals and increase their knowledge base, Empower people and institutions by giving them the tools and confidence to succeed, and Enrich both students and organizations by providing a system that brings out the best in their talents and strengths. eCubed Learning’s founder has experienced, first hand, the power of delivering a consistent message to his employees and the benefits of training in one uniform voice. We have reaped the benefits of centralized training and we want you to realize them too. Add an extensive and growing course library and an LMS to manage growth, and you have all the tools necessary to be your greatest self.


Customized Training

eCubed Learning makes your training work for you. We will organize all of your training with you and make sure your employees and members are delivered the proper training in a consistent, predictable, and dependable fashion. We will collaborate with you to turn all your training documents into online courses, allowing you to manage how your people are trained and progress. Whether you need simple slide presentations or interactive multimedia courses with pre and post testing, we will make sure that your training is tailor-made to fit your needs.

This is a simple and effective way to learn a complicated subject. Not only did I learn how to use all the features in Microsoft Word and Excel, but I was able to go back and review the course section by section whenever I needed a refresher. Awesome!”

- Cari Flores, Wellness Specialist, Almost Family, Inc.

It wasn’t until we implemented an LMS for our organization that our revenue grew exponentially in a matter of only a couple years. This is something any small size company needs if they have aspirations of sustainable growth.”

- Anne Donahue, COO, Quality of Life Community Services.