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Transportation On Patrol is already playing a key role in the public safety of cities around the world. Bringing the benefits of this program to your community and your organization is simple. The Taxicab, Limousine, and Paratransit Association and eCubed Learning have developed the Transportation On Patrol Online Education Suite. This suite consists of an online education module for drivers that gives procedure and best practice for observing and reporting, and a module for operators that makes program startup quick, effective, and economical.

Transportation On Patrol (TOP)

Public safety is a paramount concern in communities everywhere. While there is no one model for assuring public safety, public safety officials and private citizens alike have embraced the principal that local issues can be effectively addressed by creating partnerships that fulfill local needs through innovative problem-solving strategies. One of the most common and well known of these partnerships is the Neighborhood Watch program. With a Neighborhood Watch program, local citizen vigilance compliments public safety efforts to combat crime and quality-of-life concerns. The successes of Neighborhood Watch programs in reducing crime and enhancing quality-of-life are well documented. The Transportation On Patrol (TOP) Program takes this idea to the streets. The TOP Program takes advantage of the ubiquitousness of taxicabs, limousines and paratransit vehicles to establish a "neighborhood watch on wheels". The Transportation On Patrol program helps to reduce crime, with ancillary but very real public safety benefits such as reporting fires, automobile accidents, medical emergencies, and traffic issues. This program also creates good will in the community and PR value for transportation operators, and a bond between public safety officials and transportation professionals.

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